Aero lawn bowls bias chart for U.S.A. and Canada models


Aero Lawn Bowl Sizes

Aero use the same machine that makes parts for artificial hearts and critical parts for aircraft, our tolerances are therefore negligible and very very accurate. While one manufacturer works to 1/1,000 of mm we work to 1/10,000 of  a mm.


We stress that is is not possible to give an exact weight that will match every color and model we make. The color may make a small but negligible difference. No manufacturer can. However, slight variances in weight between sets make no difference to the performance of the bowls during play.


We use a material called Melamine to make our bowls, from the same manufacturer that all brands use.


Aero Bowls are made to extremes in precision. They are the world’s most accurate bowls.


Available Aero Bowls Sizes

00        0       0.5        1       1.5        2        2.5        3       3.5        4       4.5         5

Aero make a full range of half sizes. Why?
We have spent many engineering hours designing bowls and whether they are size 0 or size 5 or anything in between the performance on the green will be the same. After all, why should going down a size or even two or more because of age or arthritis be a disadvantage?


You can be sure with an Aero in your hand of the size that one can hold confidently, comfortably and easily will perform exactly the same as any size of another Aero. Gone are the days when a bowler felt that going down a size was a disadvantage. It’s only Aero precision and engineering that allows us to make bowls that perform the same irrespective of size.


Aero half sizes, a big win for bowlers world wide.


Designed after extensive testing and research,the shape of an Aero will be very comfortable in the hand to hold and the shape provides exceptional stability for all conditions on the green.