Charlie Herbert and Brian Stewart were the winners of the recent Cary-MacDonald pairs tournament at Long Beach, CA. Charlie was using the Aero GrooVe and Brian used the Aero Revolution. Second place finishers Phil Dunn and James Flower were also using the Aero GrooVe and the Aero Revolution.

Alice Birkinshaw was the Women's Singles Winner and Women's Bowler of the Tournament for the South Central Division Championships. Alice was using the Aero Optima.


Congratulations to Charlie Herbert for winning the South Central Division Singles Championship. Charlie was using the Aero GrooVe.

Congratulations to Mary Ann Beath and Alice Birkinshaw for winning the Laguna Beach Open Pairs tournament. Mary Ann was using a brand new Aero Defiance and Alice was using an Aero Optima.

Congratulations to Scott Roberts and Tony Baer for winning the Cary - MacDonald tournament at Long Beach. Tony was using an Aero Defiance. The amazing thing about this story is the fact that I just delivered this set of Defiance bowls at the tournament, which was ordered by Tony to use on carpet for another upcoming tournament. The only practice Tony had with these was the two-bowl trial ends. Scott and Tony ran away with the tournament.

Congratulations again to Tony Baer and Phil Dunn, champions in the recent Walt Disney pairs tournament at Beverly Hills. Phil, playing skip, used his Aero Revolution to make the winning conversion shot. 2nd place went to Charlie Herbert and Matt Bauchiero. All four players were wearing Aero Sprint shoes. 


Congratulations to Tony Baer and Phil Dunn, champions in the recent 2016 P.B.A. qualifier at Sun City, AZ. Tony won both the singles and pairs (with partner Phil). Tony was using the Aero Revolution, and Phil was using the Aero GrooVe. Both players will represent the U.S.A. in the world championships at Potters in the U.K. Both players were also wearing Aero Sprint lawn bowl shoes.

Note: the two runner-ups in both singles and pairs were also using Aero Bowls, and wearing Aero shoes.

Congratulations to Ron Rollick and Sharon Perry for winning the U.S. South Central Division Singles Playdowns.  Both will represent to SCD in the 2016 U.S. National Championships. Both champions were using Aero bowls. Ron used the Aero GrooVe and Sharon used the Aero Revolution. Runner-up in the men's playdowns was Bob Perry, who was using the Aero Defiance.

Congratulations to the all Aero team of Ray Woods, Brett Wilkie, and Aron Sheriff for winning the Six-nation triples gold in New Zealand.

Congratulations to Ellen Falkner CEO of Aero UK for winning the 2016 World Singles Championship for the third time!

Congratulations to Anne Nunes for winning the ladies singles U.S. National Championships!
Anne has chosen a new set of custom-made Aero Bowls:


Congratulations to Bob Perry, Bob Birkinshaw, and Bill DesBrisay for winning the Arizona Senior Triples Championship. All were using Aero bowls! Bob Perry is also the Aero sub-rep for Arizona.

Congratulations again to Bob Perry and Bill DesBrisay for winning the 2015 Bowls USA SCD Senior Pairs Championship

Custom set of Aero GrooVes for 2017 USA National Champion  Charlie Herbert